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Author Topic: Klotar's Korner -- Ultimate Rotation Control  (Read 1118 times)


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Klotar's Korner -- Ultimate Rotation Control
« on: March 19, 2014, 01:44:43 PM »
Klotar's Korner - Ultimate Rotation Control

Ultimate Rotation Control (by FaMe IT) is an Android application that allows you to:

- Rotate a "portrait only" screen to landscape
- Rotate a "landscape only" screen to portrait
- Rotate to Reverse Landscape (upside down portrait)
- Prevent a portrait/landscape app or screen from going into portrait
- Prevent a portrait/landscape app or screen from going into landscape

Settings can be done Globally, with app by app exceptions; or globally off with forced rotation enabled on an app by app basis.

What might rotation control be useful for?  One example might be in the car.  Some apps operate in both portrait or landscape mode, such as mapping applications; but the lockscreen is portrait only.  If you have your car mount holding your phone in landscape mode, it seems silly that the lockscreen is portrait only.  Another example is, some people put their phone in the cupholder in the car, but like to have it upside down (with the headphone port facing up) so they can use the headphone jack to connect to the AUX port in their stereo deck.  Unfortunately, although the G2 supports portrait, left landscape and right landscape, it does not support reverse portrait, so if the G2 is in the cupholder with the headphone jack up, the display is upside down.

I can't remember if the G2's Home Screen is portrait only or not offhand, since I've had the Ultimate Rotation Control app installed for months now.  But on the Nexus 5, the Home Screen is portrait only and does not rotate to landscape.  With Ultimate Rotation Control, the Homescreen can now rotate into landscape mode, so in my car mount example, if you have the G2 in your car mount sideways, both the lockscreen and the homescreen can now be landscape.

Some games will operate in either portrait or landscape, BUT switching from one mode to another can have unintended effects (like game resets, restarts, etc. -- e.g. QuizUp).  That's not always an issue but QuizUp setting my score to zero because I leaned the phone over a bit to far to the right is maddening!  So I locked QuizUp into portrait only mode.

NOTE: some apps are not designed to run in landscape mode and will crash.  I've only run into two or three of these myself of the hundred or so apps I have installed but you should be aware that some apps just were not written to run in landscape.  For these apps, I just force them to run in portrait only, and I no longer have any crash issues.  You should also note that some apps may not "look right" in landscape mode even though they will work.  The stock LG G2 Phone/Dialer app, for example, I believe is portrait only.  I enabled landscape on it (rather, I enabled global landscape for the G2) and it does now rotate to landscape but looks a bit odd.  Plus I can't think of any reason to use the dialer in landscape mode but I left it enabled anyways.  Some widgets may also look odd (or "squished") when rotated, but this is to be expected when rotating a rectangular screen sideways.

On the whole, I am very happy with Ultimate Rotation Control.  I have not run into any bugs of any sort and it is very configurable.  I got it mainly so the lockscreen and homescreen will work in landscape mode for the car, and to keep certain apps that support landscape locked into portrait mode.

Trial version (7 days)

Full version key purchase is $2.59 CAD through the Play Store, which removes the 7 day limitation on the trial version.

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