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Author Topic: keyboard  (Read 914 times)


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« on: April 17, 2014, 03:44:28 AM »
I know I  should know this but right now I don't. My keyboard is getting really annoying. It pops up constantly. Can't I hide it or something? Seems like it's there more than it used to be. I must have screwed up something in Settings?
And since this is about my keyboard & I was just trying to type(?) something I'm having a problem with the DELETE key. I guess it's me. I think I'm  trying to go to fast? It deletes a few(5 or 6) characters & just stops. If I  move cursor to different part of text & delete some characters & then go back it works but still only for a few characters. Even if I  go really slow.


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Re: keyboard
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2014, 07:20:30 AM »
One of the really cool things about Android is that, unlike iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc., you can get 3rd party keyboards.  Often, but not always, these 3rd party keyboards are better than the stock ones that come with the smartphone.  More often than not, there's a keyboard out there that has the feature(s) that you want, or fixes an issue or pet peeve that you have with your existing keyboard.  And like the stock keyboards, there are "skins" (themes) available for them (most are free) that you can also download, that change the look and layout and functionality of your keyboard.

There are MANY 3rd party keyboards out there, so if you decide to try out another keyboard -- what one to choose?  Oh, btw, you can have several keyboards installed at the same time, and then either change keyboards within the G2's Settings app, or what I did is get a small app called "Keyboard Switcher" that allows me to switch keyboards on the fly (like right in the middle of typing a text message or email!).

One of the most popular 3rd party keyboards out there is called Swiftkey.  It purportedly has one of the best prediction (autocomplete/autocorrect) engines out there, has a 'Swype' mode, many built-in skins to choose from, and can learn your typing styles for word prediction from your emails/texts/etc. if you allow it to.

Personally, I use a lesser-known one called Smart Keyboard Pro.  Like most other keyboards, there are downloadable themes, you can change the layout and key spacing somewhat, has text prediction and so on but unlike Swiftkey, it has a user definable dictionary.  There are some phrases that no keyboard can predict or correct, and to avoid constant correction, I like to define that word in my personal dictionary. 

The clincher feature for me for Smart Keyboard Pro was the one feature I missed from my BlackBerry days: shortcuts or macros.  What that is, is let's say you always type in your address constantly in emails, or repeat a string of words.  What you do is define an alias, and then your string. So for example:

addr [and a space] = 1234 Main Street, Sometown, AA  123456
ph [and a space] = (123) 456-7890
tt [and a space] = talk to ya later, dude!

I usually try to use a couple letters for the alias that are not words in themselves and follow it with a space bar so that it's not used accidentally when I don't intend it (like when typing baTTery or PHysical).  Anyways, I digress -- but this was a nifty feature for me that I wanted.

Anyways, have a look in the Play Store for keyboards.  A few good ones are, Swiftkey as previously mentioned, Go Keyboard, TouchPal X, and Swype.  Some are free, some have trial versions, some have free but limited version, and of course paid or full versions.  While I didn't directly answer your question with respect for your keyboard problem (and, since I don't use the stock keyboard anyway), I thought I'd suggest an alternative.

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